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Maybe it Will be Televised

Now that Sunday has come and gone, the Super Bowl is over and done. As a die-hard 49ers fan it couldn’t be over fast enough as my favourite team was put out over two weeks ago. Not to mention that I’m also from Denver. This was a double disappointment just like last year was. The Ravens beat my home town in the divisional round last year and then went on to beat my 49ers in the Super Bowl. This year the Seahawks beat my 49ers in the conference round and then beat my home town in the Super Bowl. Depression dot com.

Anyway, we could waste time going on and on about what ends up being sadness for the majority of football fans every 365 or so days, or we could laugh it off and discuss more serious issues and topics. There were a few things that I took out of this last Super Bowl event and I waited a day to see if anyone else was going to bring them up but I’ve not seen anything yet. Everything from commercials to the half-time show, to what the coach is about outside of the sport of football.

First thing that I noticed that went by with barely any objection was the Monsanto commercial.

I’m not sure whether I’m more appalled at the fact that they put a commercial for their genetically-modified seeds on tv or the fact that no one seemed to mind. Yeah, let’s go with the second one. The fact that no one seemed to say anything about speaks volumes about the current state of awareness in the US. Generally speaking though I don’t know a lot of people that are interested in mainstream sports that would also be found at a Monsanto protest. Sadly enough I believe that once it gets to a point where “they” are putting commercials out, then they pretty much have their victory. Doesn’t mean give up though. I was made aware by one internet post that they actually ran an ad in last year’s game as well. I somehow missed that one though.

Enter what should have been but wasn’t. I’m sure that anyone who has cruised videos on YouTube in the last few years has come across at least one video talking about satanic symbolism or rituals in music, music videos, Super Bowl half-time shows, etc. Whether one believes this or not, I will say that the one with Madonna was pretty eerie. Damn good “show”. Hella devilish. I know that EVERYONE saw the weirdness in the half-time show from last year. Lights cutting out and all. Beyoncé throwing up all sorts of weird symbols. Even if one weren’t into all the things that the infinite amount of videos show, you would still have to admit that the shows from 2012 and 2013 were really strange. Crazy part is I didn’t catch anything from the 2014 half-time show.

That feeling is almost like failing a huge test. Like I’m sure that there had to be something in that performance. I’ve watched it a few times now and I just can’t find anything. I’m not a fan of making something out of nothing either. That just voids credibility in my mind. I’ll probably end up viewing it over and over until I’m sure that there’s not anything in it. Football is over and there’s not many people that I can talk to about rugby so I guess I’ll have the free time to do it. You have to be careful when looking at things online as well. Even the most skeptical person has been duped once or twice by an article or video.

On to the good stuff now.

I was not aware until the other day that Pete Carroll (Seahawks coach) is a “9/11 Truther”. Even though the mainstream media isn’t expected to really report on that I would think that because of his position that it would have came out on more than just a few indy media sources and an Iranian news site. However that’s where the info was found.  There are many reasons that I do not like Pete Carroll (Univ. of Southern Cali anyone?) but knowing that he is one of us Americans that doesn’t believe the official narrative makes me dislike him a bit less. I must admit that I’m surprised that he has kept his position as a head coach of an NFL team with that belief. I would expect him to be sacked, harassed, or threatened in some way or another by now. Yet he has not been. At least as far as I know. That is also strange. This whole Super Bowl, half-time show, and team/coach has been weird.

Then there’s the guy that interrupted Malcolm Smith’s post-game interview. If you have not seen that video clip yet, check it out below:

That was quite interesting. When I saw it I thought, “you know a lot of people will say that it was rude or many other things I’m sure. But I think it’s awesome that someone said something on tv that was worthwhile for once.” That’s just my take on it. Whether or not you believe the official narrative is up to you. What made it so interesting though is the fact that the head coach is also a “truther”. So does that mean that Pete Carroll somehow got this guy into the team area? Are they a part of the same action group or something? One thing that I do find ironic is that while I’m not a fan of Richard Sherman’s antics after the championship game, I do find it funny that his clip was aired until it was just annoying and this clip hasn’t really been shown. You can infer what you like on that one.

At this point though one has to wonder what, if anything will happen to the organization or the coach. If you do even just a bit of research into what’s happened to people that question official narratives, you’ll quickly find that a lot of them aren’t living a luxurious life in the Hamptons. In fact some of them aren’t around any more. Does that mean that something happens in the near future? Does someone get intimidated, hurt, threatened, or whatever? There’s a lot of things that I hope I’m not correct on in life. A lot of times though things do happen and I’m not surprised. It will be interesting to see where it all goes if indeed it does go anywhere. There’s a part of me that sees the whole thing just being swept under the rug and people just rolling on.

As always it’s in the hands of the people. I now live in Seattle. Maybe this is the beginning of the chance for us to start really getting things corrected. Or maybe this is just a contact high. We’ll see.

The revolution just might be televised. 😉


Listen All Y’all it’s a….

While posted one of my standard night shifts I had what I believe to be an epiphany. Well it’s either that or the effects of no sleep and nothing to look forward to the next day. The fight between the (deep) thoughts and the boredom is killer. Enough about that though, let’s avoid digressing any further.

Somehow we got into talking about life and where we all wanted to be and should be. Now there’s that conversation that we all love to be in until something is said that makes you go “hmm”. That came for me when I thought about how everything was in Denver, CO and how I got the same results from mostly everything. Everything being jobs, relationships, school, cars, etc. For some reason I had never really thought of what was the cause of all of this and why I was destined to have these same failures.

Giving it some serious thought I wondered if maybe I had sabotaged my own happiness time and time again for no apparent reason. Sometimes you ask yourself a question and when the answer comes out you’re like “I think that might actually be correct”. The culprit after all these years was my hate for the fact that I came back to Denver after I got out of the Coast Guard. There, I said it. It’s like having a massive weight taken off of you. I’d never thought of it before, let alone acknowledged that it might even exist.

For anyone that never heard the story before, here goes it.

In 2005 when I was getting out of the Coast Guard I was supposed to move to move in with my boy Quiñones and his girl. It was awesome. He was getting out around the same time I was. We both wanted to stay in Northern Cali. His girl was a manager at her company and pretty much offered me an entry-level job and all. I was to have a room and a job right after getting out. Time to get set up properly and of all places be in NorCal!!! The place where I turned 21. The place where dreams went to start living. However short-lived they ended up being. They broke up right before I got out and the entire plan crumbled. Thus I ended up back in Denver, CO. My home-town.

Not that I don’t love Denver. I mean it’s home. I know it like the back of my hand. I can’t get lost in it. I know where the fun stuff is. I know where the hot spots are. I can tell you the weather better than the forecaster can. I can…. Well you get the point.

The problem is I don’t think I ever accepted the fact that I was going to have to go back to Denver and be okay with it. That got tucked away somehow and I don’t think that was a healthy move. Well it’s like we all know that it’s not but some of us do it anyway. Ala the guy that says he just going to try that drug once.

I entered the game at a severe handicap of my own causing. The worst hindrance ever because you’ll never look inward first. As humans our defence kind of sucks. We can pick off a threat from yards out, but if it’s already inside the perimeter we’re screwed more than a cork. It’s like that virus that doesn’t let you know it’s a virus. Blood cells just hanging out. Meanwhile you’re organs are like, “hey, do you want to earn your pay check today?!” Money is not the root of all evil. Letting darkness into your lit area is.

So, from July of 2005 until June of 2013 when I left Denver I had my fair share of experiences. This job, that job. This school, that school. This girl, that girl. On and on. The majority of all those things shared one common thing. All sabotaged. Took a long time to look at it that way. Doesn’t mean that had I not then all would have been well. Sometimes things just aren’t going to be. The question is would you rather lose the lottery because your numbers weren’t called or because you didn’t pick numbers? There are definitely situations and opportunities that I have wasted away due to not getting that darkness out and it’s time to get some light in there.

I could spend time going into each situation, experience, life event, relationship, position, job, etc. and saying what could’ve/should’ve/would’ve been done differently in each one, but once you get into that too much you play too much of the scenario game. You know the one you like to play when you’re waiting in line for something. “I wonder what would’ve happened if I wou……..” Yeah……..no. I’m in search of this darkness though. I’m leaving all the lights on. I’ll pay the bill however I have to. Seattle is an awesome place to move to. Haven’t figured out if I’ll stay here forever or not. One thing that’s for sure though, if this disease is allowed to fester I’ll feel the way I felt in Denver no matter where I am.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”