On Ukraine, Russia, and Western Mindsets

So here’s my analysis on it:

Firstly, the way Obama approached to topic was extremely arrogant. He said and I quote, “…in communication with Russian officials and we’ve made clear that they CAN be part of an international community’s effort……” Even before we get more deeply into the rest of the speech any person with an ounce of common sense can see the problem with this statement. The U.S. and western Eurasian countries do not get to dictate what Russia’s response should be to events on their borders. Especially when they have naval bases and other properties there. It’s also extremely absurd that the same government that thinks it’s perfectly fine to lend support to Syrian and Libyan rebels on the other side of the world has the audacity to tell Russia that there will be consequences for an intervention in a country that has more ties to them than they do western countries. Keep in mind that Syria is a Russian ally.

Another point that (western) people need to grasp is that Russia is not Iraq. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s not Libya. This is a massive country with a strong resolve and a strong military. If you think that Russia is weak because the Soviet Union collapsed 23 years ago then I would suggest that you lay off the fluoride and high-fructose corn syrup that you’re being served on a daily basis. It’s not helping your cognitive thinking skills. The whole reason that the U.S. has not sent more of our young men to die for no reason in Syria is solely due to the Russian government. Indeed it’s a strange concept to understand. Our boys are not dying in Syria right now due to the Russian government’s ideas, not ours. What is still even more absurd though is that a country that has not been involved in a real war since the late 70’s/early 80’s is having to deal with a country that has launched 240 “wars” in only 237 years. No, that’s not a typo. Let that sink in for a bit.

The Russians also have a very strong ally in China. Now for anyone that only follows the news of CNN and Fox (two headed monster anyone?) you would not know about the Russian bombers that were close to, if not inside US airspace not too long ago. Took a while for us to catch them it seems. You would also probably be ignorant to the fact that the Chinese have new sub technology that makes their subs virtually silent and they have been found popping up in between our fleets. These are not third-tier countries with armies that will just drop their rifles and run ala Iraqi soldiers in 1991. Their mutual pact states that if one is attacked well then you’ve got to attack the other. Keep in mind who butters our bread. If China calls in the debt that we owe them we literally trade places with them. We will make Nike’s for chump change for them. Is the idea that if we try anything against Russia (attack, sanctions, etc.) that China immediately calls in the debt dropping us to shit-world country status overnight that far fetched?

Just a few thoughts that I’ll leave you with for now.

Later I will expand on why I believe that the civil unrest in the Ukraine was headlined by the U.S./E.U. the same as it was in so-called Arab Spring.


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